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Ellum makes high-impact video production simple with a system you'll love to use, from scriptwriting to filming and delivery.
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End-to-end production without hassle

Impactful videos delivered when you need them, with an award-winning team backing you up.
Easy Subscriptions
Subscribe to a plan & start requesting videos. From long to short content, with a flat monthly fee, you'll be surprise free.
Remote Studios
Film where you are, when you want. Ellum's remote studio solutions give you the quality and mobility of an entire crew.
Unlimited Revisions
We'll revise your videos until you're 100% satisfied. Because we know how important it is to get your message just right.

Changing the wayyou approach video

A male politician delivers a speech, smiling, with the Ellum logo swirling around him.
Record when you want
You're busy and so are traditional film crews. Ellum's remote studios let you film as soon as you need, wherever you are.
Lightning fast delivery
Get your videos one at a time in just 24-48 hours. We know politics move fast, but we move faster.
Flat monthly rate
Pay the same price each month. With scaleable plans for every style, you'll be in control from start to finish.
Flexible & Scalable
Scale your plan up or down as needed, and pause or cancel at anytime. As your needs change, so can our plans.

Why choose Ellum?

Producing video content doesn't need to be a lengthy, expensive, and unpredictable process.

Ellum makes video production stress-free.
partnering with ellum:
Flat, surprise-free, flexible plans
Film any time at a moment's notice with remote studios
24-48 hour average turnaround, with no extra fees
Unlimited revisions until you’re 100% satisfied
High-quality video conferencing with remote studio equipment
Traditional Production
hiring a traditional crew:
Costly, complicated fee structure
Difficult to schedule, especially on short notice
Lengthy turnaround times, rush charges on tight deadlines
Limited revisions, lots of back-and-forth
Gear goes home with the crew, not able to use for video conferencing

Video perfected in three steps

Upload your video clips to our secure server using an easy 'drag-and-drop' process.
You'll receive a fully edited video, with dynamic motion graphics, in an average of 24-48 hours.
Your satisfaction is our top priority. We'll revise your video until you're 100% satisfied.

Real impact, real results

"Ellum's team became an extension of our own. Their expertise helped us craft videos that not only informed, but also connected deeply with our constituents."
Sitting Member of Parliament
"Partnering with Ellum was a game-changer. Beyond streamlining our message, they unveiled creative possibilities, like motion graphics, that I never knew were within reach."
Agency Owner & Frm. Chief of Staff to Minister
A woman smiling, holding her phone while on the bus, Ellum logo swirling behind her.

Connect with your constituents

Canada’s political landscape is changing. Genuine and direct engagement with constituents is the new norm for electable politicians. Reaching constituents where they are with engaging and authentic content amplifies your voice & impact across the country.
More engagement on social video content 1
Average viewer's time watching video in 2022 2

Experience the Ellum Difference

From compelling narratives to inspiring documentaries, our expertise spans a wide spectrum. Rely on our seasoned experience and award-winning team to craft videos that not only look great but also convey powerful messages.
Years of Production
Videos Produced
A camera representing an Ellum remote studio package.

Remote equipment for all styles

Quality & Ease: Highly mobile and easy to use equipment
Comprehensive Gear: Lights, microphones, and stands included for optimal production quality
24/7 Assistance: Dedicated support and setup anytime you need
4K UHD: Crisp, clear visuals for professional-grade content
Video Conferencing Ready: Optimized for both filming and seamless video calls
Maximize your content
Custom animations & motion graphics
Music included
Short form social content
Scriptwriting on-demand
Award-winning team
Ellum's team consists of a blend of creativity and technical expertise, recognized with multiple industry accolades. Trust in our team of producers to elevate your vision with unmatched precision.

Tailored packages
for every ambition

Discover the Ellum difference with our transparent and value-packed subscription plans.
1 videos a month, 2 shorts each
What's included:
One video a month
Up to two shorts per video
Max duration three minutes
Average 24-48 hour delivery
Custom motion graphics
Unlimited stock video clips
Premium music licensing
Captions and thumbnails
Easy credit-card payments
Pause or cancel anytime
2 videos a month, 3 shorts each
Most popular tag
What's included:
Two videos a month
Up to three shorts per video
Max duration three minutes
Average 24-48 hour delivery
Custom motion graphics
Unlimited stock video clips
Premium music licensing
Captions and thumbnails
Easy credit-card payments
Pause or cancel anytime
3 videos a month, 5 shorts each
what's included?
Three videos a month
Up to five shorts per video
Max duration three minutes
Average 24-48 hour delivery
Custom motion graphics
Unlimited stock video clips
Premium music licensing
Captions and thumbnails
Easy credit-card payments
Pause or cancel anytime
Remote Studios
Pre-built studio-quality packages
packages contain:
4K UHD camera
Studio lighting
Professional microphone
Mobile teleprompter
Tripods and stands
24/7 live support
Easy setup and mobility
Video conferencing ready
Optional add on tag


Have other questions? Contact us here so we can help.
Why wouldn't I just hire a video crew?

Hiring a traditional video crew can be costly and often comes with scheduling challenges due to limited availability, especially on short notice. Additionally, the turnaround times with traditional crews can be lengthy, delaying your message from reaching its audience in a timely manner. The fee structure can be very complicated with limited revisions and potential for surcharges.

How quickly will I receive my videos?

On average, most video requests are completed within one to two days. However, for more intricate requests, the process might take a bit longer. It's important to note that we process your video requests sequentially; once one request is finalized, we immediately start on your next video.

Who are the producers and editors?

Ellum boasts a leadership team comprising of Liam Afonso, Callista Ryan, and Nathan Szierer. Their diverse backgrounds span video journalism, documentary filmmaking, political and corporate communications, governance and policy, non-profit leadership, and more. When you collaborate with Ellum, you're directly engaging with this trio and their skilled team who work diligently behind the scenes.

How does the pause feature work?

We recognize that there may be periods, like legislative recesses, when you won't require as many videos. Our pause feature allows you to temporarily halt your subscription. For instance, if you've used two out of three monthly videos and decide to pause, your billing cycle will be paused, and you'll still have one video saved to request whenever you're ready.

How do I request videos?

Requesting videos with Ellum is a breeze. We offer a versatile project management system where you can submit requests through a standardized form. This ensures the fastest turnaround time possible. In this form, you can upload your footage and any additional material, select a music style, and more.

What if I don't like the video?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If the video doesn't match your desired message, we'll keep refining it until you're completely satisfied.

How does the 24/7 support structure work?

Once you subscribe to Ellum, you'll gain access to our dedicated 24/7 support phone number. Whether you prefer calling or texting, our team is available round the clock to assist you.

Can I use my own equipment to film?

Absolutely! You're welcome to use your own equipment for filming. Just ensure it meets a high-quality standard, and we'll be more than happy to work with it.

Do you do in-person productions?

Absolutely! While our subscription packages cover remote solutions, Ellum also offers in-person video productions. We have a dedicated team that specializes in creating a wide range of in-person productions.

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