Highlighted Case Studies

We specialize in public video production, but this selection is a testament to our versatility across various genres and themes.

Real impact, real results

"Ellum's team became an extension of our own. Their expertise helped us craft videos that not only informed, but also connected deeply with our constituents."
Sitting Member of Parliament
"Partnering with Ellum was a game-changer. Beyond streamlining our message, they unveiled creative possibilities, like motion graphics, that I never knew were within reach."
Agency Owner & Frm. Chief of Staff to Minister

Why choose Ellum?

Producing video content doesn't need to be a lengthy, expensive, and unpredictable process.

Ellum makes video production stress-free.
partnering with ellum:
Flat, surprise-free, flexible plans
Film any time at a moment's notice with remote studios
24-48 hour average turnaround, with no extra fees
Unlimited revisions until you’re 100% satisfied
High-quality video conferencing with remote studio equipment
Traditional Production
hiring a traditional crew:
Costly, complicated fee structure
Difficult to schedule, especially on short notice
Lengthy turnaround times, rush charges on tight deadlines
Limited revisions, lots of back-and-forth
Gear goes home with the crew, not able to use for video conferencing

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